Friday, February 4, 2011

Protein of the Year assignment

For your Protein of the Year assignment you will need to convince your classmates that your protein is fantastic. Your goal is to win the coveted "Protein of the Year" prize. (The prize is the fame and bragging rights...don't count on getting cash.) To do so, you will generate a web page via Blogger that will show off your protein. Though some proteins can make a convincing case on their own with their structures, you will want to enhance your case by pointing out what makes your protein the best. Though you need not follow the template, feel free to examine the pages for these proteins to give you an idea of what to show:
Each student will pick a unique protein (first come, first served). You will not be able to choose any of the four listed above, nor can you choose leghemoglobin, methlymalonyl-CoA mutase, COX1 & COX2, or catalase. I will post a sign up blog and let you know the start time, and student choices will be awarded in the order in which you have commented--watch for more details.

In the meantime, each of you should start your own blog on blogger (you should be able to find instructions from this page...let me know if you're having trouble), and then make sure that you're able to post comments. Look around for proteins of interest, whether they be from the Protein Data Bank, your protein from last semester, your research, the textbook, etc., and find a backup or two in case someone chooses your protein before you.

Here are a few links you may find useful:
For resources, you may use the Molecule of the Month site from the Protein Data Bank, primary literature, wikipedia, other web pages, etc., but all of your work must be original. Plagiarism will be dealt with according to Calvin policy; if you are in doubt, please ask. More details, including deadlines, will be coming soon.