Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Links to your classmates' blogs


Links on Life: Pictures of Dicer
Tyler Veldkamp
Emily Diekema_Mechanosensitive Channel of Small Conductance (MscS)
Chelsey Knapper_Awesome Possum Protein
Jared Scripture
Lauren Bylsma_Lauren's Protein of the Year!
Evan Sonderman_Botulinum Toxin
Anna Kim_Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase
Alyson de Walle_choleratoxin
Ian Robertson_A Protein for All Seasons
Katie Faber_All About IgG
Paul Meppelink_Thrombin
Keith Van Dusen_HIV-1 Protease
Frank Carr_My Biochem 324 Protein


Alex Cortez_The Bifunctional Enzyme
Eric Prins_Riboflavin Synthase
Melanie Holtrop_Phosphofructokinase-1
Alex Batt_Troponin: Protein of the Year
Amanda Erwood_Protein of the Year
Betsy Hansen_Albumin
Adam Driscoll_Protein of the Year (2011)
Jacob Artz_Dipeptidyl Peptidase
Gill Morris_Nitrogenase
Alex Wrobel_Protein of the Year--Beta-3 Alcohol Dehydrogenase
Lauren Manck_Bacteriorhodopsin
Josh Stuive_Divalent Metal Ion Transporter
Stacey De Haan_Triose Phosphate Isomerase
Jake Baker_HIV-1 Integrase: Biochem 324 Protein of the Year
Samantha Vue_Beautiful World
Dan Tiesman_Hemoglobin, Protein of the year
Brandon Burkhart_Protein BioLog
Alex Verseput_Aquaporin
Lindsay Rios_DNA Polymerase I
Milton Herrold_Malate Synthase
Allison Sterling_Major Histocompatibility Complex
Chris Bouma_Protein Assignment
Cheri Ackerman_RuBisCo
Dan Oram_Glutamine Synthetase
Christie Timmer
Adam den Boer_Fibrin
Amanda Harris_DNA Ligase
Steve Griffith_biochem: Pics of Lysozyme

Friday, April 8, 2011

Assignment #3: Due Wednesday, April 27

What makes your protein the best? Convince us.

Submit a post to sell your classmates of the beauty of your protein. Include structures, reactions, references, and anything else you need to make your case. Though you should consider this your final version, you will get the chance to respond to the comments from your classmates before your final submission enters the brackets.

This assignment is worth 30 points.