Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Links to your classmates' blogs


Links on Life: Pictures of Dicer
Tyler Veldkamp
Emily Diekema_Mechanosensitive Channel of Small Conductance (MscS)
Chelsey Knapper_Awesome Possum Protein
Jared Scripture
Lauren Bylsma_Lauren's Protein of the Year!
Evan Sonderman_Botulinum Toxin
Anna Kim_Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase
Alyson de Walle_choleratoxin
Ian Robertson_A Protein for All Seasons
Katie Faber_All About IgG
Paul Meppelink_Thrombin
Keith Van Dusen_HIV-1 Protease
Frank Carr_My Biochem 324 Protein


Alex Cortez_The Bifunctional Enzyme
Eric Prins_Riboflavin Synthase
Melanie Holtrop_Phosphofructokinase-1
Alex Batt_Troponin: Protein of the Year
Amanda Erwood_Protein of the Year
Betsy Hansen_Albumin
Adam Driscoll_Protein of the Year (2011)
Jacob Artz_Dipeptidyl Peptidase
Gill Morris_Nitrogenase
Alex Wrobel_Protein of the Year--Beta-3 Alcohol Dehydrogenase
Lauren Manck_Bacteriorhodopsin
Josh Stuive_Divalent Metal Ion Transporter
Stacey De Haan_Triose Phosphate Isomerase
Jake Baker_HIV-1 Integrase: Biochem 324 Protein of the Year
Samantha Vue_Beautiful World
Dan Tiesman_Hemoglobin, Protein of the year
Brandon Burkhart_Protein BioLog
Alex Verseput_Aquaporin
Lindsay Rios_DNA Polymerase I
Milton Herrold_Malate Synthase
Allison Sterling_Major Histocompatibility Complex
Chris Bouma_Protein Assignment
Cheri Ackerman_RuBisCo
Dan Oram_Glutamine Synthetase
Christie Timmer
Adam den Boer_Fibrin
Amanda Harris_DNA Ligase
Steve Griffith_biochem: Pics of Lysozyme


  1. What is the assignment in terms of reading our classmates' blog? Do we have to read a certain number of them and comment on them?

  2. I realized I answered this in class but not here: make comments on the three that you find directly beneath yours, staying within the same section. Then make a comment on one other blog (your choice). This is the place for constructive criticism, not for trash talk.

  3. The correct link for the top protein (dicer) is this:

  4. Please use this address for Evan Sonderman's botulinum toxin: