Monday, May 2, 2011

Protein of the Year 2011: matchups with links

Linus Pauling Regional:

Hemagglutinin vs. malate synthase

Concanavalin A vs. troponin

COX1&COX2 vs. IgG

β-secretase vs. phosphofructokinase-1

ubiquitin vs. telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT)

p-glycoprotein vs. calmodulin

triose phosphate isomerase vs. actin

HIV-1 integrase vs. botulinum toxin

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Regional:

Fibrin vs. bifunctional enzyme

Xanthine oxidoreductase vs. dystrophin

Lactate dehydrogenase vs. luciferase

Cytochrome P450 vs. DNA polymerase I

Light-induced protochlorophyllide reductase vs. insulin

Dicer vs. pepsin

Lysozyme vs. Tol C

Riboflavin synthase vs. glutamine synthetase

Jane Richardson Regional:

Anthrax toxin vs. catalase

Divalent ion metal transporter (DMIT) vs. major histocompatibility complex (MHC)

Histones vs. neuraminidase

β-propeller vs. antifreeze protein

prions vs. aquaporin

HIV-1 protease vs. cytochrome bc1

Bacteriorhodopsin vs. choleratoxin

Cadherin vs. nitrogenase

Max Perutz Regional:

Albumin vs. isocitrate dehydrogenase

Na+/K+ pump vs. thrombin

Inteins vs. NO synthase

Hemoglobin vs. methylmalonyl CoA mutase

Alcohol dehydrogenase vs. dipeptidyl peptidase

Leghemoglobin vs. DNA ligase

Mechanosensitive channel of small conductance (MscS) vs. kinesin

DNA helicase vs. RuBisCO


  1. The link for light-induced protochlorophyllide reductase takes me to the blog for major histocompatability complex.